Rokok Kretek

    Indonesia has a long tradition of hand-rolled cigarette manufacturing, known as kretek. Kretek cigarettes originated in the early 20th century and are a blend of tobacco with cloves and other spices. In traditional kretek manufacture, tobacco is chopped and mixed with spices, then wrapped by hand in dried corn husks or paper. The hand rolls are then placed in a drying chamber to remove any excess moisture. The final product is a fragrant and spicy cigarette with a distinctive crackling sound when burnt.

    Today, small-scale kretek manufacturers still operate in various regions of Indonesia, although large tobacco companies have largely taken over mass production. The Indonesian government regulates the manufacture and distribution of tobacco products through various laws and regulations, including taxes and packaging laws. However, there are concerns about the health impacts of kretek smoking due to the high levels of tar and other toxins in the smoke.